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Positive Thinking without spirituality is wishful thinking

My name is Mishka, and I’m highly opinionated.

I love to read and write about anything and everything. I like pretty notebooks where the paper is like old parchment and I like writing in them with black ink – it’s very vintage. I love all things periodic and vintage, like those dresses women in the UK would wear, with the corset bodice, outward flowing skirts and those hats. I love hats – in fact I love most hair accessories. Especially flowers.

Actually, I like flowers on everything – in my hair, on my clothes, printed on my shoes or simply in a vase. My favourite flowers are tulips. I’ve been fascinated by them since I was a kid, particularly by the shape. Theyre far more interesting than roses.

Education is very important to me – it’s a form of empowerment and once it has been absorbed, it cannot be taken away. It is the best tool that we as individuals have.

I wish my fingers wrote as fast as my brain thinks, that way I wouldn’t waste time trying to remember things. I get my best ideas after I pray and when I’m swimming. I love water and the sea and pools and drinking water. It still astounds me that 75% of our bodies are made up of water. The body itself is fascinating, I mean how does our hair and nails grow with only the root being alive and the rest of it dead?

Being born and raised from a lineage of strong, independent women, I’ve become a feminist. That will never change. I count myself very lucky to have been born in an age where educating women is encouraged and not frowned upon. As women, we have to be independent; not just for our sake, but for our families as well.

Feminism is the empowerment of women in terms of social, economic and political status. Girls, who whine about guys not being good boyfriends and what not, irritate me when they claim themselves as feminists and go on male-bashing. Feminism seeks to equalize men and women – not proclaiming that men are all the same. Because they’re not.

I want the typical perception of Muslim women to change. We are not oppressed. Everything we do, the way we dress and the way we talk is because of boundaries we set for ourselves; boundaries which protect us, empower us and, inevitably, set us free.

I dislike judgmental people immensely. Judging is for God to do, not us as human beings. We all sin differently, so we have no right to look down at others. That being said, there is a difference between judging and accepting people for who they are but setting your own boundaries and what’s acceptable for yourself.

I’ve learned to give more and expect less. It takes time to know the difference between your acquaintances, your friends and those who deserve your time, care and some of your Nutella. Time spent with friends should be savoured; it’s difficult to tell when you’ll next see them.

I love sitting at those coffee shops you randomly find on the way to the Berg with the wooden tables and chairs and the checkered tablecloth, and just thinking. I love that feeling when I’m trying to work out a picking pattern on the guitar and I get the note right. I love the chocolate butter-icing my mom puts on cupcakes. I love the realization of how God Has everything Planned to make things fall into place and I love how it surprises me every time and how it strengthens my faith.

I love my mother for every time she has disciplined me and brought me up the way she has and I love it when she doesn’t comment on my cooking because it means I’ve got it right and didn’t mess up. The best feeling is when you realize your achievements have probably brought her more joy than it has to you.

I don’t like it when people try to change my views; I have my own ideas and I’m sticking to them. I do not hug guys – so if you’re a guy and if I ever see you, please let’s avoid the whole awkward-freeze-stop-hugging-me thing and fistbump instead.

I’m tall and I love Harry Potter. I actually wear glasses and have since the age of 3 (no, I’m not lying). Forest green is my favourite colour and I’m a chocoholic.

My name is Mishka, and I’m highly opinionated.